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Greek Food Festival: Festivals of Arkansas

Even with the rain, my second time going to the annual Arkansas Greek Food Festival was a success! For those of you who haven’t gone, you are missing out! Located at the Greek Orthodox Church in Little Rock, Arkansas this festival celebrates Greek heritage and more! Mark it on your calendars around the month of May!

The Entertainment

Every year, you can grab a bite to eat and sit down to watch ethnic dances. Several of my favorites are the Greek-American Folk Dance Society, Dabkeh Middle Eastern Dancers, and O’Donovan School of Irish Dance. They are amazing!!!


The Food

They never ever disappoint on the food. They have dozens of options!!! My personal favorite are the traditional Gyros and Baklava. Whether your vegetarian or a meat lover, this festival has it! This year, they decided to also showcase Loblolly Creamery, a local store known throughout Arkansas for its delicious icecream.

If sitting down to eat isn’t your style, they offer meals through Chef’s Shuttle and a Drive through! With the rain this year, many people opted for this convience.

If you want to take some delicious memories home, they sale their bakery items in their “Old World Market.”


As I mentioned, the Old World Market is a treat! I never leave without getting something. They showcase many traditional Greek items including wind chimes, jewelry, ceramics, rugs, pillows, and much more! This year, they added local art, local grocery items, and an exhibit about Traditional Greek toys!


I have yet to do everything at the festival, so here are some more options.They have some kiddie rides, face paint, henna, and a kid center. They also offer church tours! img_0061

I would highly recommend checking this out! These lovely people recruit dozens of volunteers from local charities. They have raised over $1.3 million dollars for 30 charities in there last 32 years of operation! This year, they charged a $3 admission or 3 canned food items to benefit the Arkansas Foodbank. With charging admission, they were able to collect/buy more than 5,000lbs of food which is enough for 4198 meals. Considering 1 in 4 children go hungry in Arkansas, this is a huge donation! It is always a privilege to support this church and their endeavors to spread goodwill in the community! Be on the look out next May!



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