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Why Bonnaroo?

This year is my first time attending Bonnaroo. As excited as I was, the whole four day camping thing made me a tad nervous. Thankfully, I went with Bonnaroo veterans who gave me the layout.

Despite the four day camping and only high-priced showers, festival goers fall in love with Bonnaroo. Many talk about it all year long and can’t wait to go back to “the farm”. Located in Manchester, Tennessee, Bonnaroo takes place  in wide open fields. This idea is different than Hangout in Florida where you stay in nice hotels. Considering this, Bonnaroo draws in more dedicated festival goers. But why Bonnaroo? Why is it so special to thousands of people? What makes it a different experience?


“Bonnaroo is a place for me and so many others to go and have a brain vacation. It’s four days where you do is wake up, sit in the sun surrounded by a positivity, and listen to music all night long. It’s a feeling you get when you high five a stranger and make friends with the people around you that drove 20 hours to be here. There isn’t another place like bonnaroo!”-Addie C.


“The community aspect of it. It’s like a bunch of strangers coming together and forming this beautiful community for 5 days. I think a big part of it is how bonnaroo promotes positivity and a sense of community. Like through the bonnaroovian code which is their 5 things to live by! Plus it’s a bunch of people just trying to get by for 5 days, and everyone is always happy and helping each other, like if someone needs some extra supplies”. -Greg S.


“It means freedom and it enables me to express myself and have a good time without worrying about anything.”-Matt S.

What personally impresses me about Bonnaroo is their commitment to sustainability. Most festivals, such as Hangout, destroy the environment around them. While Bonnaroo isn’t totally innocent, they create an atmosphere that encourages festival goers to be environmentally aware. There is an entire section of the festival dedicated to learning about the Earth called Planet Roo. This year Planet Roo is exhibiting about gardening, beekeeping, and even how to make your own rain barrel. Festival goers can get food vouchers for collecting a bag of cigarette butts. Also, trash bags and recycling bags are offered at every campsite.

I’m excited to experience this festival!!! Hopefully it will impact me just as much as it has the thousands before me. Be watching over the next week as I post about my adventure!




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