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Food of Bonnaroo

One of my favorite parts of Bonnaroo was the abundance of food!! And not bad food, but delicious food!! I spent around $80 and I only ate dinner and snacks at Centeroo, so keep that in mind when you budget. Here are some of my favorites:

The Amish Baking Co.

This company makes huge Amish donuts that are the best donuts I’ve ever had. They have the perfect amount of fluffy and icing while exciting your taste buds. These aren’t your regular Dunkin’ Donuts or Krispy Kreme, but something more.

The Rolling Oven

This food truck was one of the most interesting in terms of structure. It was clear and open on the sides so you could see the workers and the entire kitchen. It even had enough room for a brick oven! I opted for the Proscutto while my boyfriend wanted the Chorizo. It was the perfect size for my appetite, and tasted like I was in a fancy restaurant rather than in a field.


EatBox Food Truck

This food truck specialized in meatball subs, and not just the traditional kind. With raunchy names like PCB and Morning Wood, this truck goes above and beyond with creativity. My Morning Wood Sub featured sausage meat balls,crumbled biscuit, scrambled eggs, and gravy. My boyfriend’s PCB exhibited more meat with bacon, meatballs, hash-browns, and peppers.


BearClaw Coffee Co.

This food place was located at different parts of the farm. Sustainable coffee is a luxury, and these lovely people offered a small frozen latte at only $4. (At Bonnaroo that’s cheap). I hate my coffee cold, but I loved this latte! This is also the cheapest place at Bonnaroo to get a smoothie at $5.



These were just some of the food options that seriously impressed me for the price! There are dozens more to choose from. They offer Greek, Cajun, hamburgers, breakfast, chicken, Mexican, Italian, and almost anything else you can think of!





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