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25 Tips for Bonnaroo First-Timers

  1. Totems are essential. Make sure it lights up for nighttime. This is how your group will stick together in large crowds and be able to find one another if someone wanders off.img_0260
  2. Take advantage of the free stuff such as: State Farm, Subway, and the. Jesus Tent
  3. Take toilet paper or wipes to the port- a- potties.
  4. Camel-backs are worth it. I was a skeptic at first, but having to take a water bottle in and out of my backpack would have been awful.
  5. Go to the vendors on the last day, because they’re trying to get rid of their products.
  6. Take plenty of tarps and tapestries to block the sun.
  7. Baby wipes are a lifesaver in so many different ways.
  8. Cooling towels also come in handy.
  9. Try the donuts at the Amish Baking Co.img_0351-2
  10. It can get really cold late at night!!!
  11. Day Drinking = Dehydration = Dreadful Day
  12. When standing in lines or crowds, always head to the far left. People tend to go right in large groups.
  13. Bring board games for camp. You won’t feel like doing anything until later in the day due to the heat.img_0583
  14.  Ear plugs are a must!!! People will not go to bed at the same time, some won’t go to bed at all.
  15. Make sure you have plenty of gas upon entering Manchester. The line can take hours getting in.
  16. Start your car once a day, because the battery might become dead if you don’t.
  17. The smaller artists are sometimes more fun to see than the bigger ones. There’s a more intimate feel, and you can be pleasantly surprised!
  18. Conserve your energy. If you aren’t a die-hard fan, don’t go to the very front. Relax. Sit on a blanket every so often. You will want your energy for the shows your dying to see.
  19. Try to buy your ticket before the lineup drops, it will be much cheaper!
  20. If you don’t have money at all, volunteer to work! You only have to work three, six-hour shifts. You can pick the top places you would like to work. This way you get a free ticket, free camping, free showers, and a food voucher per shift.
  21. Take battery operated fans if you want to sleep past 9am or take a mid-day nap. The sun makes your tent act like an oven. It is very hard to sleep with the sun in your face.
  22. Go to the Grove to relax. I wish I had done this! The Grove consists of trees near the Grind (coffee shop) where you can hang hammocks, lay on blankets, and just relax in the shade.img_0389
  23. Food and drinks will be cheaper outside Centeroo than inside, epecially when it comes to alcohol.
  24. The Port-a-Potties will be emptied only once around mid-morning each day. Prepare accordingly.
  25. If you choose to put glitter or paint on your body, it will be very hard to come off. It will also get pretty nasty with the heat.
  26. Bring at least 2 different pairs of sandals. Your feet will thank you! I walked an average of 7miled a day. Even though I bought bandaids for blisters, it would still would have felt better to be rubbing in different places.img_0282
  27. Along the same lines bring rain boots. Even if it doesn’t rain, there will be dew on the ground in the late night/early morning. If you don’t want your feet wet, slip on rain boots when going to the bathroom.
  28. You’re in a field, so allergies will be rampant either during or after. Be sure to stock up on Vitamin C and medicine!
  29. I poured jugs of water on my head for showering, but I saw people who purchased chemical sprayers from home-depot, filled them with water, and used the nozzle as a shower head! It was such a neat idea!
  30. I would not advise sneaking illegal things into the festival. I would also not advise running from the police if you get caught. Although it was humorous to watch out the car window, the guy broke his ankle and his entire crew was arrested.




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