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Things to do in Eureka Springs

Blue Springs Heritage Center

If you travel toward the outskirts of Eureka Springs, you can find a Heritage Center focused on the Cherokee from the Trial of Tears. The Native Americans camped out next to the natural springs which produces beautiful blue water. Not many people know about this place tucked away into the mountains. For an entry fee of $9, you explore the springs and the gardens. It is a great way to fully experience the beauty of the Ozarks!


Historic Downtown

Downtown is well-known as a beautiful section of Eureka Springs with winding roads and cute buildings. It looks out-of-place for Arkansas by instead adapting a more European look. Travelers love to browse at the numerous shops that line the streets. Even the alleyways have tucked away bars and restaurants. Downtown is rich with history, and if you look closely, you can see the remnants of another time.


Crescent Hotel

Since Eureka Springs is so historical, it naturally has stories to tell. The more tragic ones cause haunting events to occur making Eureka Springs one of the most haunted towns in the nation. Although you can go on tours, I am too much of a chicken for such matters. So I just explored the notorious Crescent Hotel without a guide, making my adventure free. The dark wood, low railings, and just overall atmosphere does make the place seem unnerving. It is a working hotel that you can stay in, but I’m not about that. Especially since a man died by falling from the 4th floor the week before I was there. (It should be noted the bar is also on the 4th floor)


St. Elizabeth’s Chapel

Located within a short walking distance from the Crescent Hotel, ironically, St. Elizabeth’s Chapel is a gorgeous catholic church that many visitors pay a visit. I have to say even though I’ve seen many sprawling cathedrals, I loved this one as well. I loved how the outside was just as decorated as the inside. It is free to walk around, but there is a gift shop available.


Thorncrown Chapel

Thorncrown Chapel is a beautiful chapel nestled in the forest that displays God’s beauty through simplicity. It’s peaceful elegance transcended all my expectations. I love how instead of ornate decoration it uses geometric lines to point up. It display’s God’s workmanship instead of man’s. Running on donations, it is a spot for many people to quietly reflect on their lives, and for couples to be married.


I was only in Eureka for a short time, but I did learn a lot! Eureka Springs is one of those places that has so much to do, each visit is a totally different vacation! I can’t wait to go back and explore some more!






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