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Things to De-clutter Easily

I have been told I’m wonderful at organizing, and I thought I should share my skills with all of you! I think the first step to organizing is de-cluttering. Now, I know this makes many people uncomfortable. This is NOT asking you to confine yourself and get rid of things you really like. Rather, this is about liberating yourself by letting go of the things that don’t bring you joy. Just focus on a small section per day!


  • If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, chances are you don’t actually like to wear this particular item and won’t miss it when it’s gone.
  • Clothes that don’t fit or make you uncomfortable.
  • Clothing gifts you hate and have never worn.
  • Unmatched socks (give up on finding the other one)
  • Unmatched or broken jewelry (the likelihood of you finding/fixing it after 3months is almost zero)
  • Multiple purses that serve the same purpose and the same season. Do you really need more than one medium-sized winter purse? Probably not.
  • Uncomfortable shoes (Like why torture yourself?)
  • One-event dresses (proms, formals, semi-formals, etc)
  • bras with wires sticking out, with stretched out straps, or deformed cups


  • Makeup that is the wrong color
  • Makeup that has probably expired
  • Makeup that you hate, but paid a lot for.

Toiletries (Don’t be a goo-hoarder!)

  • Half-used toiletries you haven’t used up within a year.
  • Things you don’t like the smell of
  • Nail polish you haven’t worn in a year, with unfavorable color, or doesn’t apply correctly
  • Perfume you haven’t used in a long time (If you have more than 3 bottles, you have too much)
  • throw out expired medicine (yes it expires)

Office Supplies

  • Pens that don’t work
  • Pens you don’t like
  • Dried up markers or highlighters
  • Half-used notebooks you aren’t using


  • Books you didn’t like
  • Books you won’t re-read (Be honest with yourself!)
  • Old Christmas and Birthday cards (unless they have a family photo you would like to keep)
  • Paper that needs to be shredded
  • Old magazines (everything can be found online, plus if you get a new one every month!)
  • Expired Coupons
  • Old manuals (you can look them up online)


  • Phones that don’t work (AT&T will recycle them for you!)
  • cords that you have no clue of their purpose
  • Any technology that does not work or you haven’t used in 6 months
  • Delete Apps that you don’t use
  • Rearrange your apps into folders so you can find them more easily
  • Delete friends off social media you don’t really know, wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking to them for 5minutes in public, or get you riled up
  • Unsubscribe from junk or advertising emails you don’t use
  • Organize your desktop, so it doesn’t overwhelm you when you open it
  • Delete past-semester assignments unless it was a monumental paper (WAIT until Final Grades are posted for this step!!)


  • Coffee mugs you don’t like to drink out of. Some people like to rotate mugs (like myself), that’s fine! If you have a mug that just sits there…either plant a succulent, make it into a candle, display jewelry, or get rid of it.
  • Weird gadgets you don’t use ( ice-cream makers that take forever, blenders that don’t actually chop, apple cutters that can make spirals etc.)
  • Please, please, please go through your fridge/cabinets and take out the expired food.
  • Lunch boxes that don’t hold all your food, or you don’t find beautiful


  • Toys your kids have outgrown or don’t play with
  • Board games with missing pieces or you don’t get excited about playing
  • Puzzles with missing pieces
  • Video games or movies you don’t watch or play
  • Remotes that don’t go to anything
  • Old craft projects you haven’t finished in a year
  • Old paint
  • Dried up Play-Dough
  • Scratched DVDs & CDs

In summary, if you don’t like it, if it’s not useful, or you don’t find it beautiful, let it go!





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