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5 Myths about Anxiety

Anxiety is like a Ferris Wheel. Your thoughts start running in circles over and over. I have suffered from extreme anxiety for a long time, and I have learned how often it is misconstrued. I try to be open about this topic in my daily life, so others can better understand. Needless to say having… Continue reading 5 Myths about Anxiety

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Advice to the Pre-Med Student

Find Yourself First It does take smartness and discipline to get the good grades that are needed for medical school ; however, it is not the first thing you should focus on. As you trudge on, you will need to remind yourself of your "why". Why do you want to be a doctor? Otherwise, you… Continue reading Advice to the Pre-Med Student

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5 Lessons I Learned from the Black Panther(Without Spoilers)

As a disclaimer, I'm a white, middle class woman. As one, I feel like it is my responsibility to see things from other perspectives and learn about social issues. Black Panther is one of the best Marvel films yet! It touched on so many issues, without taking away from its epic plot. I learned so… Continue reading 5 Lessons I Learned from the Black Panther(Without Spoilers)

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10 Tips for Time Management

Time Management. Two dreaded words that we really aren't aware of until the end of high school and beyond. When I ask young incoming college freshman their biggest concern, this is one of the top ones. I've always had a knack for time management. My Senior Year of High school, I juggled.. having 5 AP… Continue reading 10 Tips for Time Management

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Winter Bucket List-2017

How is Winter already here? Where did the Fall go?  I have so many ideas for my Winter Bucket Challenge!!! I will update you guys as I go along! Feel free to do these with me! Having mini-goals for the Winter helps with the Winter Blues, because you have something to look forward to. My… Continue reading Winter Bucket List-2017

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22 Lessons I Learned in College 

As  a Senior in college, I find myself reflecting over my college career. I think about what I could have done differently and what I wish someone would have told me. Here are the 20 things I've learned in College, and some quotes that made those lessons easier. It's okay to let people go You're… Continue reading 22 Lessons I Learned in College 

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Fall Bucket List: 21 Challenge 

Fall is my favorite time of year, and this year I am challenging myself to complete a Fall Bucket List! Considering the hot temperatures, it will be a struggle. So I'm going to extend mine to Dec 1st! We will see how this goes! Want to make the most of your fall? Complete this challenge… Continue reading Fall Bucket List: 21 Challenge 

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Things to De-clutter Easily

I have been told I'm wonderful at organizing, and I thought I should share my skills with all of you! I think the first step to organizing is de-cluttering. Now, I know this makes many people uncomfortable. This is NOT asking you to confine yourself and get rid of things you really like. Rather, this… Continue reading Things to De-clutter Easily

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Things to do in Eureka Springs

Blue Springs Heritage Center If you travel toward the outskirts of Eureka Springs, you can find a Heritage Center focused on the Cherokee from the Trial of Tears. The Native Americans camped out next to the natural springs which produces beautiful blue water. Not many people know about this place tucked away into the mountains.… Continue reading Things to do in Eureka Springs