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Tacos 4 Life Review

In case you haven't heard, Tacos 4 Life is spreading their influence and opening up more locations in Arkansas! Many people don't know about this amazing restaurant, but allow me to enlighten you. The Mission For every meal you buy, .22 cents is donated to Feed My Starving Children organization. So not only do you… Continue reading Tacos 4 Life Review

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Easy Ways to Help Conserve the Environment-Lord Knows We Need It

During the month of April, taking care of the Earth is widely discussed. By now, you will have already forgotten all about it. I would like to remind everyone that the environment is important. Why you ask? Our government has made many bills and policies lately that show the environment is not on the list… Continue reading Easy Ways to Help Conserve the Environment-Lord Knows We Need It

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Memphis in April-Festival Edition

I was extremely excited when Greg decided to take me to the Down to Earth Festival and the Lantern light festival in Memphis a couple week ago. The day was full of spectacular sights, live music and entertainment, cool vendors, and of course, Food Trucks! These are two festivals to keep in mind next Spring!… Continue reading Memphis in April-Festival Edition

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A Native in the Making-an Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

My friend Chris S. recently embarked on a journey to stay with the Waiapi tribe in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in order to research their culture for his senior thesis. Even though the Waiapi have a culture different than us, it doesn't make ours' better. Keep reading to learn what this amazing tribe can teach… Continue reading A Native in the Making-an Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

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Places to Visit in Memphis 

I haven't visited Memphis as often as one would expect, considering it's a short drive away. Lately, I've been exploring what Memphis has to offer (besides Beale Street). The Rumba Room If you appreciate Latin American dancing and want to learn how to sweep someone off their feet, this nightclub is for you! Fridays consists… Continue reading Places to Visit in Memphis 

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Awed in Africa

Meet Erin L. She is a Senior at University and plans to attend Vet School in the fall. She is an officer of several organizations, enjoys working out, and loves animals. She has traveled to Uganda for the past two years in a row with Visiting Orphans. Uganda has stolen her heart. As you read, her passion will make it hard… Continue reading Awed in Africa

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Passion in the Philippines

Meet Morgan, a 22-year-old senior social work major. She is passionate about preventing and spreading awareness about sex-trafficking, sexual assault, and other injustices. This trip in itself was considered a feat of kindness. God not only used this trip for her to help others, but also to change her life. Can you give me a… Continue reading Passion in the Philippines


Hot Springs: Restaurants to Try

As school begins a new semester, I decided to make one last trip in Arkansas to Hot Springs. Even though I have visited this town on numerous occasions, I still haven't experienced everything it has to offer! Many businesses closed for their vacation-week prior to the Oaklawn horse-racing season, so I was able to eat at places under… Continue reading Hot Springs: Restaurants to Try

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My Top Netflix Documentaries to Watch

New Year, New You! There's something amazing about fresh starts. The idea that no matter where you are in life, You can make yourself into a "better" You. I think part of being "better" is becoming more knowledgeable on issues and taking action with our knowledge. One of my favorite ways is to watch documentaries. … Continue reading My Top Netflix Documentaries to Watch

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The Other Side of the Tunnel: Northwest, AR

The cities of Fayetteville, Rodgers, Bentonville, and Springdale make up NorthWest Arkansas and accounts for most of Arkansas's population. In order to enter Razorback Territory, you have to drive through a tunnel; when you emerge, everything is different. I've lived in Arkansas my whole life, but I've only visited this area for school and church… Continue reading The Other Side of the Tunnel: Northwest, AR