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Winter Bucket List-2017

How is Winter already here? Where did the Fall go?  I have so many ideas for my Winter Bucket Challenge!!! I will update you guys as I go along! Feel free to do these with me! Having mini-goals for the Winter helps with the Winter Blues, because you have something to look forward to. My… Continue reading Winter Bucket List-2017

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Things to De-clutter Easily

I have been told I'm wonderful at organizing, and I thought I should share my skills with all of you! I think the first step to organizing is de-cluttering. Now, I know this makes many people uncomfortable. This is NOT asking you to confine yourself and get rid of things you really like. Rather, this… Continue reading Things to De-clutter Easily

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Safety & Scams

What does this have to do with budget traveling? If one isn't careful, one could lose everything! When I go abroad, the common question is: aren't you scared? I'm not. Honestly, I feel safer there than I do in the States! Even though anything can happen, here's some tips to lower the odds. Losing your passport… Continue reading Safety & Scams

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“Year of No Fear” 50 Firsts

As junior year approaches, I would like to dedicate this excerpt to sophomore year. I tend to do New Year's resolutions on the school year instead of the calendar. Sophomore's resolution was "Year of No Fear." I would like to say I have succeeded. Getting a perm (which I absolutely love) is the last "first"… Continue reading “Year of No Fear” 50 Firsts

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20 Ways to Save Money Abroad

Do not exchange money here or at currency exchange places. This is a huge waste of money. Not only will the exchange rate be horrible, but most places work on commission. If your bank doesn’t charge a lot to borrow from other ATMs, just withdraw the money in the airport when you arrive. Centennial Bank charges… Continue reading 20 Ways to Save Money Abroad


The Ultimate Packing List: Spain

  Sorry!  I couldn't resist! I studied abroad in Spain from February 17- May 10th. On the weekends, I ventured to other countries as well. This caused a hefty problem. How do I pack for 3 months and all 4 seasons in a backpack, laptop case, and a checked bag? Not easily. I spent about a week packing and unpacking… Continue reading The Ultimate Packing List: Spain

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Packing List: a Month in Costa Rica

As I have mentioned, I stayed in Costa Rica for a month. During that time, I stayed in the Central Valley, Monte Verde, and Flamingo. The trick was to pack for the rainy season while being prepared for the heat in Flamingo. What I Packed: Clothing Tanktops x2 dressy short sleeve shirts x4 Shorts x1 flowy… Continue reading Packing List: a Month in Costa Rica