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City Wok Dim Sum: Restaurants of Jonesboro 

The Atmosphere City Wok Dim Sum is located downtown and has only been open for about a month. Owned by a husband and wife duo, they make the atmosphere local and personable. The wife is a wonderful cook, and the husband will fully explain the food of choice. Located in a room that used to… Continue reading City Wok Dim Sum: Restaurants of Jonesboro 

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Memphis for Hipsters

Memphis is known for it's history of civil rights, Elvis, and the blues. What if you have already explored these popular tourist destinations? In this post, I am going to introduce some places off-the-beaten path. Railgarten When you walk up you see three buildings with the sign of Railgarten. These buildings are an icecream parlor,… Continue reading Memphis for Hipsters

Arkansas, Restaurants of Arkansas

My Favorite Little Rock Restaurants

I realize I've done blog posts about Little Rock restaurants individually, but I thought it would be nice to see  all my favorites in one place! Favorite Date Night: The Pantry Crest By far my favorite date night restaurant. It creates an atmosphere of relaxation and intimacy. The customer service is outstanding without being intrusive,… Continue reading My Favorite Little Rock Restaurants