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25 Tips for Bonnaroo First-Timers

Totems are essential. Make sure it lights up for nighttime. This is how your group will stick together in large crowds and be able to find one another if someone wanders off. Take advantage of the free stuff such as: State Farm, Subway, and the. Jesus Tent Take toilet paper or wipes to the port-… Continue reading 25 Tips for Bonnaroo First-Timers

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Food of Bonnaroo

One of my favorite parts of Bonnaroo was the abundance of food!! And not bad food, but delicious food!! I spent around $80 and I only ate dinner and snacks at Centeroo, so keep that in mind when you budget. Here are some of my favorites: The Amish Baking Co. This company makes huge Amish… Continue reading Food of Bonnaroo

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Bonnaroo: 8 Things to Know Before You Go

Bonnaroo was an amazing experience. I was so blessed with the opportunity to experience the land that never sleeps. Where long lines are filled with high fives and smiles. The farm is a place people can be themselves without judgment while listening to fantastic music. Since this was my first time, here are some lessons… Continue reading Bonnaroo: 8 Things to Know Before You Go

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Why Bonnaroo?

This year is my first time attending Bonnaroo. As excited as I was, the whole four day camping thing made me a tad nervous. Thankfully, I went with Bonnaroo veterans who gave me the layout. Despite the four day camping and only high-priced showers, festival goers fall in love with Bonnaroo. Many talk about it… Continue reading Why Bonnaroo?

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Riverfest: Festivals of Arkansas 

I'm embarrassed to say this was my first year going to Riverfest, but I'm so glad I did!! Located on the Riverfront, Riverfest radiates an atmosphere of peace and chill vibes. People sit wherever they can find a spot, but without sacrificing the view. With the Arkansas river and Junction Bridge in the background, it… Continue reading Riverfest: Festivals of Arkansas