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Things to do in Eureka Springs

Blue Springs Heritage Center If you travel toward the outskirts of Eureka Springs, you can find a Heritage Center focused on the Cherokee from the Trial of Tears. The Native Americans camped out next to the natural springs which produces beautiful blue water. Not many people know about this place tucked away into the mountains.… Continue reading Things to do in Eureka Springs

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25 Tips for Bonnaroo First-Timers

Totems are essential. Make sure it lights up for nighttime. This is how your group will stick together in large crowds and be able to find one another if someone wanders off. Take advantage of the free stuff such as: State Farm, Subway, and the. Jesus Tent Take toilet paper or wipes to the port-… Continue reading 25 Tips for Bonnaroo First-Timers

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Bonnaroo: 8 Things to Know Before You Go

Bonnaroo was an amazing experience. I was so blessed with the opportunity to experience the land that never sleeps. Where long lines are filled with high fives and smiles. The farm is a place people can be themselves without judgment while listening to fantastic music. Since this was my first time, here are some lessons… Continue reading Bonnaroo: 8 Things to Know Before You Go

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Why Bonnaroo?

This year is my first time attending Bonnaroo. As excited as I was, the whole four day camping thing made me a tad nervous. Thankfully, I went with Bonnaroo veterans who gave me the layout. Despite the four day camping and only high-priced showers, festival goers fall in love with Bonnaroo. Many talk about it… Continue reading Why Bonnaroo?

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A Native in the Making-an Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

My friend Chris S. recently embarked on a journey to stay with the Waiapi tribe in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest in order to research their culture for his senior thesis. Even though the Waiapi have a culture different than us, it doesn't make ours' better. Keep reading to learn what this amazing tribe can teach… Continue reading A Native in the Making-an Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest

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Passion in the Philippines

Meet Morgan, a 22-year-old senior social work major. She is passionate about preventing and spreading awareness about sex-trafficking, sexual assault, and other injustices. This trip in itself was considered a feat of kindness. God not only used this trip for her to help others, but also to change her life. Can you give me a… Continue reading Passion in the Philippines

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Safety & Scams

What does this have to do with budget traveling? If one isn't careful, one could lose everything! When I go abroad, the common question is: aren't you scared? I'm not. Honestly, I feel safer there than I do in the States! Even though anything can happen, here's some tips to lower the odds. Losing your passport… Continue reading Safety & Scams

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“Year of No Fear” 50 Firsts

As junior year approaches, I would like to dedicate this excerpt to sophomore year. I tend to do New Year's resolutions on the school year instead of the calendar. Sophomore's resolution was "Year of No Fear." I would like to say I have succeeded. Getting a perm (which I absolutely love) is the last "first"… Continue reading “Year of No Fear” 50 Firsts

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20 Ways to Save Money Abroad

Do not exchange money here or at currency exchange places. This is a huge waste of money. Not only will the exchange rate be horrible, but most places work on commission. If your bank doesn’t charge a lot to borrow from other ATMs, just withdraw the money in the airport when you arrive. Centennial Bank charges… Continue reading 20 Ways to Save Money Abroad